Opening a lingerie store: tips for organizing a business
Today it is not difficult to find a niche in the business, occupy it and receive a stable income. To do this, it is enough to love your job, to…

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How did a wine bank come about?
The creation of any business with a specific focus is based on meeting the needs of people. After all, this is the only way to generate demand. Let us turn…

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Business Idea - Image Consultant
As an image consultant, you give your clients, both men and women, recommendations for improving their appearance, which will help them find a better job, their couple, shine at their…

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Glowing business for women. Profitability from 35%.

The concept of “woman in business” in foreign countries is not new. In the countries of the post-Soviet space, where the representatives of “large” business are traditionally men, as they are more resistant to harsh conditions, opacity, criminality, corruption, which are present in the economic sphere. In most cases, business women associate their entrepreneurial activity with trade at the level of small and medium-sized businesses, and in general account for about 50% of the business share.

The Ukrainian business company Akmilight decided to take the niche “business for women”, which produces and sells high-quality luminous paint and varnish products. The company offers a specially designed dealer package for women, which includes products that require no special knowledge to work with. Continue reading

How to build a business in the wildflowers. The Story of the Veloriflower

An unusual idea helped Sonya Polska organize a business, taking pleasure and profit from her favorite pastime. Velokotsvetnitsa is an original and popular service that helps people give a piece of warmth and beauty.

The story of the origin of the idea is quite banal – Sonya went to the station on an unremarkable weekday morning to meet her grandmother and granddaughter, and in addition received a huge box with wildflowers from the dacha.

This small flower island from the Moscow region visited the metropolitan train station, traveled to the central Moscow street, and ended up in the “Dial” on Tverskaya, where it turned into many lovely bouquets. All this beauty will be for someone a surprise, sweet joy, a fragrant gift from a serene summer.

From idea to business

An art historian by vocation, Sonya Polska was an opponent of bouquets, cut flowers, she was always with awe to all living things. Sophisticated bouquets of roses, lilies and the like Sonya did not like, it was easier to please her with a Continue reading

How to open a perfume and cosmetics store? Step-by-step instruction.

It’s hard to imagine modern life without makeup. Personal hygiene products are used in every home and company. Decorative types of cosmetics will find their customers in the face of women, makeup artists, hairdressers. The assortment for such a store can be endless, since today many manufacturers compete on the market, and the variety of care products is growing every day.

Any business should start with an idea and initial capital. In this article, we offer you step-by-step instructions on opening a perfumery and cosmetics store with a designation of important aspects of this business.

How to open a perfume and cosmetics store? Step-by-step instruction. Continue reading

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