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Glowing business for women. Profitability from 35%.

The concept of “woman in business” in foreign countries is not new. In the countries of the post-Soviet space, where the representatives of “large” business are traditionally men, as they are more resistant to harsh conditions, opacity, criminality, corruption, which are present in the economic sphere. In most cases, business women associate their entrepreneurial activity with trade at the level of small and medium-sized businesses, and in general account for about 50% of the business share.

The Ukrainian business company Akmilight decided to take the niche “business for women”, which produces and sells high-quality luminous paint and varnish products. The company offers a specially designed dealer package for women, which includes products that require no special knowledge to work with.

First you need to figure out what kind of product is offered, and what is its working principle. All products manufactured by Akmilight contain high-quality luminescent materials that work on the principle of a battery – they accumulate light energy (sunlight or artificial light) and give it away in the dark, emitting a soft, pleasant glow. The glow time is approximately 6-8 hours, and the number of “recharges” is unlimited. All products are certified and completely harmless.

What is included in the dealership package for women and what should I work with?

Luminous photo paper. There are many examples of the use of this product, the most common being the production of business cards, cards, calendars and posters. The company has its own groups in popular social networks, on the pages of which you can find examples of more original ideas for using luminous photo paper – making luminous paintings with the sights of cities or luminous fridge magnets. Quite promising areas that you can easily do.

Luminous photo paper

Glowing pebbles (natural and artificial). The composition covering them has stable properties and is not exposed to aggressive environments.

Glowing pebbles

These stones are used to create interesting interior items, for example, vases filled with luminous stones can be added to ready-made stone compositions in cafes, restaurants, hotels. In landscape design, they are used to create garden paths glowing in the dark, and various objects are decorated – fountains, statues and figurines, pools. On the pages of groups you can see examples of jewelry, in which there are luminous stones.

The paint for flowers is luminous. Bouquets painted in various ways (with a brush, by spraying, dipping) look incredibly beautiful.

Luminous paint for flowers

Due to its unique properties, such bouquets are widely used among florists, flower business owners, event planners.

Nail polish glowing. The nails painted with this varnish easily “charge”, since the hands are always under some kind of light source, and with the onset of darkness they begin to glow with a neon light and become objects of general attention. Every self-respecting manicurist is simply obliged to have such a varnish in his set.

Glowing Nail Polish

The products are understandable, but how and to whom to offer?

To get started, create a page in one or more popular social networks. Make a few collages of the products and photograph them. Surely in the conditions of lighting and in the dark. So it will be easier for your future customers to leave an opinion on the product and how they will use it. Add interesting notes, photos, layouts, videos. So, the group members you added will know new products, promotions, interesting offers, and will be able to “draw inspiration” to create their own luminous products. Be active, look for communities that may be interested in your products and leave your suggestions there.

In addition to online promotion, you will need to go through advertising agencies, printing centers, photo studios in your city, leaving them with their luminous business cards. You can choose several promising flower shops, and make a glowing bouquet for them. Finished products will attract much more attention and trust than a story about it. Make first sales and keep working

How to get started and protect yourself from unfair competition?

To become an exclusive representative of luminous products in your region, you need to conclude a dealership agreement with Akmilayt. The signing of this document provides you the right to be the only dealer in the region, that is, the absence of competitors, and allows you to buy products at special low dealer prices directly from the manufacturer.

The payback period of the invested funds is, according to rough estimates, about 3 months. The company searches for partners in all countries of near and far abroad. A system of prompt delivery to anywhere in the world has been established.

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