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Business Idea – Image Consultant

As an image consultant, you give your clients, both men and women, recommendations for improving their appearance, which will help them find a better job, their couple, shine at their own wedding, or just feel better.

You will teach them the right style in clothes that they want to embody and even eradicate bad taste or accompany them in stores when buying clothes. You should also give advice on hair and makeup, advise on color schemes, and instruct how to be more confident in yourself.

You can also work with corporate clients by recommending new styles of employee uniforms, or by teaching various national etiquette or the basics of body language to improve sales and customer relationships. Or you can work with clients who communicate with people in television and cinema, the media, to help them look and behave better.

The advantage in the business of an image consultant is that you can work at home, you can start working part time, at low prices, and this is very creative and creative – when you help someone achieve a better job or success in the media or just feeling good, such success can inspire.

As an image consultant, you need to have an innate sense of style, as well as knowledge of fashion, hairstyles and makeup trends and how to apply them to individuals and corporate events. You should also be aware of the latest ideas and trends and conventions in the conduct of both large and small businesses. Since you are dealing with people at one of the most private levels, you should be able to point out negative traits and suggest changes without hurting their feelings.

Last but not least, you should be a walking advertisement for your own recommendations. This is the practice that you preach — you must embody it yourself. They should look glossy and be dressed in such a way as to be successful at all social events.


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Your clients may be people who want to look great at big important events, are looking for a new or better job, or decide that it’s time to start all over from scratch. Your clients may also be corporations that can take you to train a group of executives or employees or to update the corporate identity of clothes in the company.

Post ads in local publications and offer coupons in coupon books by direct mail.

Work in a network of professional and public organizations. Introduce yourself to wedding consultants, event organizers who can direct you to their clients. Hold workshops and seminars for private and corporate clients. You should also focus on public relations agents who can direct their clients to you. Send your brochures to the PR agents, then call them back to secure your services in their minds.

Necessary equipment

All you really need to get started is mirrors, makeup, color swatches, fashion books, and fashion magazines. You can purchase, either when organizing or after starting your business, computer programs that will give your customers virtual makeup and beauty before they really get their haircuts.

If you plan to focus on corporations, you can also invest in a camcorder and VCR so that customers can evaluate themselves before and after performances and performances in body language. In some countries, it is necessary to have a cosmetic license for working with clients’ skin, so if you plan to offer makeup services, be sure to check the official requirements for cosmetic services.

If you cannot apply makeup to your clients yourself, you can control how they do it themselves.

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