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Taxi for women

Direct focus on any narrow audience has become just a real trend in the modern business world. This is not surprising, since the number of entrepreneurs in all regions is growing every day.

And, consequently, competition is growing, forcing us to look for more and more new approaches to doing business. And there are not many approaches.

Naturally, the most resourceful businessmen are always able to come up with something like that, able to attract clients specifically to their services or goods. Most of the entrepreneurs base their activities on more classical methods of doing business. Some are working to increase the quality of their goods, others to lower prices, others are trying to expand their product range (although, as experiments from the book “Psychology of Persuasion” show, expanding the product line can only harm the business). But there is another very famous method of circumventing their competitors. We are talking about targeting some targeted audience.

Such examples, showing the focus on a specific category of the target audience, are found everywhere. For example, a store for vegetarians is a very clear example of a clear focus on a specific audience. Naturally, not only vegetarians can visit such an institution. Indeed, many are interested in fruits, vegetables and other “greens”. But we can say with confidence that the vast majority of the vegetarians of the village will certainly look into such a store (and many will become regular customers).

An aquarium fish shop is also a pretty good example. In every city there are pet stores that sell the most diverse animals – from spiders or butterflies to dogs and cats. But if you open a shop where they sell only aquariums, decorations, aquarium fish, etc., then you instantly get your target audience.

There are many such examples. But the main thing is that such a method works effectively and bears fruit. When a buyer visits a bakery shop for a supermarket place, he receives a certain set of benefits and advantages.

First, he protects himself from the lines that are often found in large supermarkets and shops.

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The second, highly specialized stores, usually offer a much larger assortment of products for a particular group. The one that is interesting to the client (for example, bakery products). Third, in such institutions, often truly qualified personnel are employed, who are well aware of the intricacies of their goods.

All these factors indicate that the implementation of your business plan aimed at a narrow category of consumers is quite effective. And we will tell you about one of these ideas below.

Taxis for women are a good example of targeting a narrow audience.

This very unusual (albeit quite logical) idea was tried in practice by entrepreneurs from many countries of the world. But not everyone succeeded. It is possible that representatives of the male sex tried to do this business, which, unfortunately, are not very well versed in the intricacies of female nature. Perhaps summed up the study of details. And maybe there were other reasons why the idea failed. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​a taxi for women was successfully implemented in the small Mexican city of Puebla.

The first taxi transporting exclusively female representatives was launched relatively recently (2007), but has already managed to gain immense popularity with local ladies. In total, a fleet of 35 pink Chevrolet cars is currently operating in Puebla. Taxi drivers are exclusively women. All of them were specially trained to work in a similar taxi. They not only know the city very well and drive well, but are also able to carry out minor repairs of their cars. For example, they can easily independently replace a punched wheel without assistance from any services.

In addition to the pink color, all cars have a GPS system, a fashionable first-aid kit and a special emergency button. After all, anything can happen on the way. In addition, pink taxis always have a pleasant smell and pleasant music sounds (and not every chanson that can be heard everywhere in all Russian taxis).

Female taxi ignores calls from men and never slows down at their request in the process of moving around the city. It is worth noting that such an idea works fine. After all, many women experience discomfort in the company of unfamiliar taxi drivers. And to travel around the city, talking with another woman, they are much more pleasant and comfortable.

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