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How to open a perfume and cosmetics store? Step-by-step instruction.

It’s hard to imagine modern life without makeup. Personal hygiene products are used in every home and company. Decorative types of cosmetics will find their customers in the face of women, makeup artists, hairdressers. The assortment for such a store can be endless, since today many manufacturers compete on the market, and the variety of care products is growing every day.

Any business should start with an idea and initial capital. In this article, we offer you step-by-step instructions on opening a perfumery and cosmetics store with a designation of important aspects of this business.

How to open a perfume and cosmetics store? Step-by-step instruction.

Stage 1 first. Company registration.
2 Stage two. Selection of premises
3 Stage three. Assets.
4 Stage Four. Workers.
5 Stage Five. Trade organization
6 Business plan store cosmetics and perfumes
Stage One. Company registration.

Before starting a business, you must register a legal entity.
Company registration includes the following steps:

Obtaining certificates OGRN, TIN / KPP at the tax office at the place of business
Choosing a tax system
Getting statistics codes
Registration of an employer in the Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund
Registration will take about ten business days.

The company can be registered as an individual entrepreneur or as an LLC (limited liability company).

Individual entrepreneur.

If you start a business in one person, have your own funds, then it is more profitable to draw up an IP. For registration and maintenance of accounting, IP is always easier.

The state makes simplified requirements for doing business for an individual entrepreneur. There is also a preferential patent system of taxation – a patent, which can be issued once a year and not submit additional reports.

Practice shows that a patent will cost less than any other taxation systems.

In addition to the patent, there is the possibility of applying other taxation systems:

UTII. The amount of tax depends on the size of the retail space and the potential income established in the region. The imputed income tax is paid quarterly until the 20th day of the month following the reporting quarter. At the same time, a tax return is submitted to the tax office.
STS (income 6%). From the income received, it is necessary to pay the amount of tax to the budget. Payments must be made once a quarter and once a year to file a declaration.
STS (income minus expenses 15%). The essence of this system is that the amount of income received can be reduced by the amount of expenses and tax is paid from this difference. Revenues from customers are recognized as income. All expenses must be documented, so it is important to establish a document flow of primary securities at the enterprise. Tax payments must be made once a quarter and once a year to file a declaration.
The choice of taxation system is carried out at the time of registration, which is issued a special notice from the tax office.
After receiving all the necessary documents, you can open a store and start trading.

Accounting for employees is carried out separately. For employees, a tax on personal income and contributions to extrabudgetary funds is paid, and the necessary reports are submitted.

Stage Two. Selection of premises

There are two possible scenarios:

The property is owned
Premises for rent
Own room

Having your own premises will help significantly reduce rental costs. Before starting the store, before importing equipment and goods into it, you will need to make repairs, determine the layout, location of the rooms.

Leased premises

A rental room should combine price and quality. It is necessary to count on the fact that you will have to pay the rent on a monthly basis, regardless of the profit made, this is a mandatory cost item. Take care of the documentation of your rental relationship with the landlord, conclude a contract.

It is customary to attach a plan of premises and documents confirming the lessor’s rights to the building to the lease agreement. When choosing the taxation “income minus expenses”, rental costs can be included in expenses. Monthly must be drawn up an act on the use of the premises, indicating the amount.

In any case, the store should have a convenient entrance and a place to load goods. Developed urban infrastructure is desirable (parking, access to public transport). This will significantly increase the flow of customers.

Create a brand name for the store that will be heard by city residents. Make an advertising sign and take care of the marketing policy.

Stage Three. Assets.

The assets of an enterprise are what it has available. Assets include: fixed assets, materials, goods in stock.

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