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The story of a real business in tailoring exclusive leather products

How to join the bag business, create a successful company in a market segment in which there are a sufficient number of offers for every taste, and successfully win your own niche in this field?

The answers to these questions are known by Elena Protko, a woman who was not afraid of “business sharks” and decided to enter the bag market with her unique creative ideas.

From a biker jacket to an elegant bag – a long road to success

What does Elena do

The main area of ​​work of Elena is the manufacture of bags to order. Although she tries not to refuse customers and always gladly takes up the manufacture of both bags and purses, clutches, cosmetic bags, belts, various cases and cases that can not be found in the store.

Everything is non-standard, original and, practically, unique. Instead of cheap leatherette materials – leather, fur and their original varieties – ostrich, crocodile or snake skin, instead of bored newfangled, but no longer interesting models, the willingness to listen and hear the Customer, realizing all the wildest dreams and fantasies.

Elena began her journey to business many years ago. In the late 90s and early 2000s, Elena helped her brother and worked in a workshop that specialized in tailoring leather goods. All the attributes of the biker movement – trousers and vests, jackets and gloves – had to be created from scratch, with interest approaching the needs of each client.

It was in this workshop that Elena got her first skin skills. Then she started making bags – the first bags came out from under the needle of a sewing machine and went to the customers along with jackets and trousers.

After a while, Elena was noticed and invited to work in a company that was engaged in individual sewing of bags. Elena was entrusted with both working with individual orders of customers, as well as work on the design of bags. At this point, Elena realized that the bag is a universal accessory that can emphasize the individuality and beauty of every woman.

Two years ago, in 2012, Elena decided to enter the market of “single” players and left the company. Clients followed the master, so Elena did not have an urgent need to study the market in detail, select new clients and invite them to her company. All the achievements, for almost a decade and a half of work in the field of tailoring accessories, Elena endured in her head and in her hands.

Elena says this: “I just did what my soul asked, and besides, from the experience of my past work, I realized that there is a certain layer of men and women who will not be satisfied with the assortment and quality that is on the market.” It is these factors that prompted the businesswoman to open her own business.

About startup costs when starting a business

First, Elena registered as an individual entrepreneur. The next step was the search for a room for work, its rent and conversion into a sewing workshop (purchase of necessary equipment, purchase of materials and hand tools, repair and equipment of the room). The cost of this phase of the work was approximately 2000-2500 dollars.

From a biker jacket to an elegant bag – a long road to success

From the state, Elena was able to receive a free subsidy of $ 1,000 to open her own business. To receive these additional funds from the state, Elena submitted a business plan and a feasibility study for the project. The businesswoman composed the documents on her own, because by education Elena is an engineer-economist at BSUIR.

After about a year, this business began to bring not only pleasure from work, but also income.

How it works

With all his desires, ideas and best practices, the client comes directly to the master. The master listens to the client, discusses with him the color and shape, texture and functionality of the thing, the client can tell the master about any very unusual or original idea. The master cannot 100% promise the repetition of the client’s imagination, but he can always offer several options for tailoring the bag and embodying the customer’s idea.

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Those who have been working with Elena for years, trust the master so much that they can place an order directly by phone.
Elena uses leather mainly from domestic (Belarusian) suppliers, and they bring it from Turkey and China; she purchases especially original or exotic materials in Moscow and China.

With an average complexity of the order Elena spends 2-3 days for one client. Of course, it all depends on the complexity of the product pattern, as well as on the number of original jewelry and design ideas.

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