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Opening a lingerie store: tips for organizing a business

Today it is not difficult to find a niche in the business, occupy it and receive a stable income. To do this, it is enough to love your job, to know as much as possible about it and to constantly replenish your knowledge.

So, if you are an expert in the field of underwear, then why not open your own store. Moreover, the needs of the fair sex in this area are constantly growing. Women are ready to spend any money to please their soul with a new purchase. Men who want to please their halves do not skimp.

It should be noted right away that competition in this area is very high, so a novice entrepreneur will have to try hard.

There are retail outlets for selling underwear in almost every underground passage. Shop owners are trying to highlight their business. Some sell sportswear, others – cotton, while others focus on panties and bras from well-known brands.

There is one caveat in this type of business – after trying on, products should not be returned to the counter (this approach is considered a serious violation of existing sanitation standards). Inspectors sometimes do not pay attention to this, but only if the kit is subsequently used only on a mannequin.

So, what are the costs of organizing a business?

The standard set is mirrors for changing rooms, a cash register, several mannequins, shelves and hangers for products, chairs, a computer, a desk and so on. Another important item of expenditure is the rent for the premises.

For a business to start generating good income, you, as the owner, must understand it. For starters, you can work in a lingerie shop as a seller.

In this case, you can find out what underwear is in demand, what requirements does the fair floor have for the store, how extensive the range should be, and so on. As for the latter aspect, it is not worth saving here.

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It is very important that the store has all sizes of linen, offers goods of various brands and price categories. It is worth considering that many women prefer to buy underwear as a set rather than separately.

Qualified staff is another important success factor. If the seller knows his job well, then at first glance he will determine the needs of the buyer (at least in terms of size). In addition, good advice is very important in choosing linen.

We must not forget that in the assortment of the store there may also be men’s underwear. But here you can’t count on a serious sales volume – most often it is 5-7% of the total turnover. Men themselves rarely buy their underwear. Most often, beloved halves do it for them.

The best way is to divide the goods into three different groups – women’s, men’s and children’s underwear. In this case, the whole family can shop at the store.

On the shelves of the store may be linen of various price categories – from economy to premium. But it is best to focus on the middle price segment. To keep exclusively elite linen is not profitable. As for the margin, regardless of the type of linen, it should be from 100 to 150%. The reason for such a wrapping is the high cost of renting a room.

If there is a financial opportunity, it is advisable to open several stores. This will increase your income.

You can fall into the scope of wholesale trade, but there is also great competition. The best way is to arrange the delivery of a single foreign brand to the Russian market. If you invest a certain amount in advertising, then a business can be very profitable.

It should be noted one more direction – the Internet sphere. Here, for the most part, men who already want to make a present to their soulmate are already acting as buyers. It is worth considering that a lot of money needs to be spent on the promotion of such a store.

The best option is the parallel operation of a regular and online store. In this case, you can quickly unwind and attract the maximum number of customers.

The lingerie business is a very lucrative business. Unlike many other activities, it can be profitable year round. There is absolutely no seasonality factor in it. Therefore, if there is the necessary amount, desire and knowledge, then act.

Opening a lingerie store: tips for organizing a business
Today it is not difficult to find a niche in the business, occupy it and receive a stable income. To do this, it is enough to love your job, to…


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