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How to sell dairy products to the British. The story of Natasha Bowes.

Natasha Bous knows firsthand how to stop working in an audit company and exchange career growth for managing her own production.

A small sour-milk company in England is the business that Natasha, the owner of the Bio-tiful brand, is currently engaged in. Natasha promotes among the inhabitants of foggy Albion the tastes of sour-milk products, familiar to us, residents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, from childhood. Kefir and ryazhenka are the main trump cards of the Bio-tiful brand.

Production began to work two years ago, in London. It was there that Natasha began to produce organic products called Bio-tiful.

Kefir and Riazhenka are old friends with a British accent

The secret to the success of this young woman in England was the three basic rules – less emotion, more patience and work.

Project finance

Natasha Bowes has come a long way in her 15 years at KPMG, an audit company, one of the leading companies in the world. The entire career ladder, from a simple accountant to a leading specialist in project finance, was passed by Natasha step by step.
During 15 years of successful work, Natasha went through two global moves: from Moscow to Dublin, from Dublin to London, she married a person involved in the investment business, but in an instant her life changed after decree.

Natasha realized that working in an investment and financial company was not her dream and began to think about opening her own direction in the English food market. Simple sour-milk products, such as fermented baked milk and kefir, are not traditional for the inhabitants of England and therefore it is simply impossible to find them in “non-Russian” stores. These products Natasha chose for her business project.

After consulting with her husband, Natasha decided not to rush anywhere and to make investments in the development of her own business as deliberately and carefully as possible. Six months were spent by N. Bows to study the technical side of the process – Natasha studied the technology of cooking products, the development and description of production processes, worked on the ideal taste of products familiar from childhood – yogurt, kefir and fermented baked milk.

In the process of studying and developing technologies, Natasha traveled to Russia, where she acquired many options for starter cultures, and also acquired specialized literature on sour-milk production.

The main points that were fundamental for Bowes were the organic origin of milk and the production of sourdough and the products themselves in place. Indeed, the shelf life of these dairy products is small – just two or three days kefir or yogurt can be in the open state, while maintaining their useful properties.

Kefir and Riazhenka are old friends with a British accent

In order to spend the minimum amount of money on the development of technology, Natasha decided to independently test the technology of production of kefir. To do this, she had to find an organic farm with a finished milk processing workshop, where she was able to install the first leased equipment, a long pasteurization bath, necessary for the production of sourdough, and a filling machine.

A long period of searching for the ideal kefir formula began.

After six months of intensive work, during which Natasha got up at 4 a.m. every day, she rode the first train from London to West Sussex, an hour and a half away, worked at the farm, conjuring ferments and temperature conditions, and returned home at one in the morning, Natasha managed to achieve a stably tasty and healthy product. Now the process has been fixed, and a new problem has arisen in front of the Bows family.

How to sell an absolutely new and unfamiliar product to stiff and loving British?

No one wanted to buy unfamiliar jars with incomprehensible contents. In search of buyers, Natasha was helped by her husband. He began a large-scale campaign to find at least some clues, hoping to find suppliers of dairy products among acquaintances, among people at exhibitions and fairs, he sent out email to acquaintances working as buyers in other departments, in the hope that letters would also be sent to buyers of dairy products .

Bowes says that in childhood she got used to hard and selfless work, because in childhood she was professionally engaged in figure skating.

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In addition, every time Natasha was ashamed to remind herself of the suppliers, to call, ask, and approach, she recalled the long way that had already been traveled to the present moment, how many days off she had spent separately.

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