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Shoe tuning – the idea of a small business for the winter

Speaking of tuning, once a once ordinary car appears, which after some manipulations acquired its original form. Indeed, in translation from English, the word tuning means “tuning, adjustment”, only in everyday life we ​​are used to associate this word only with vehicles. In fact, the word “tuning” has a wider use.

For the purposes of this article, the term “tuning” is characterized as a remake or refinement. That is, this definition applies to things that can be improved to enhance their functional qualities or give a more beautiful appearance. It will be about winter shoes, about creating various additions for her and the opportunity to make money on it.

Cry from the heart

Under certain conditions, thoughts or ideas often come to mind that you won’t even think about in the usual everyday rush. Moreover, in some conditions, such realized ideas were very relevant, but rather would become a matter of prime necessity, for which people are ready to give money.
Recently, discussions on the topic of manufacturing a variety of objects and nozzles against slipping on ice have begun to appear more and more on forums on the Internet. Nobody needs such an additional accessory in warm weather or off-season, but in winter it will be a great success.

Often there are sayings that earlier it was possible to find something similar in shoe stores, today it is a big luxury that cannot be found at all. It is interesting that people just want to have devices that provide safe movement on ice, and a beautiful and aesthetic accessory that is suitable for men’s shoes and women’s boots in heels.

Most major shoe manufacturers are abandoning this idea, since the release of narrow-profile products is a loss-making business. The fact is that there is no definite demand for such a product, and besides, there are no similar appeals from chain stores.

Startup experts, in turn, argue that the idea of ​​anti-slip tuning is ideal for small businesses. According to various studies, various sole pads resembling “climbers’ cats” are in demand today.
Moreover, the manufacture of such devices is very simple, using the press. Their prime cost will cost about 30 rubles per pair, and in the season they will easily diverge at a price of 200 rubles per pair. Without special equipment, such linings can be ordered at any mechanical workshop, it is advisable to do this in the off-season, when there is no influx of customers.

In addition to anti-slip pads, alternative ideas are actively discussed at forums, for example, ice drifts on steel chains that can be made independently at home.

From “village” boots to fashionable boots

Everyone knows that most winter shoes do not warm at all in extreme cold. The thing is that, focusing on demand, manufacturers are trying to make shoes with the optimal ratio of quality and price.
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The average buyer is ready, without hesitation to purchase winter shoes worth 3000 rubles per pair. So it turns out that shoes at this price can retain heat in cold weather at least 10 degrees. A warmer and better quality shoes, designed for frost at 25 degrees, will cost more than 5,000 rubles, in this case we are talking about men’s shoes.

Women’s shoes are even more expensive. Doctors recommend that women wear felt boots – these are the most comfortable and warm shoes for a whimsical female body. Unfortunately, boots are “rustic” shoes and do not look aesthetically pleasing.

There is a way, to tune this type of shoe. Information and visual aid on how to do this can be found on the same forums and special sites on the Internet.

For example, boots can be embroidered with rhinestones or embroidery, glued leather inserts. First of all, of course, you should hem the sole of the boots with leather. As it turned out, it’s not so difficult to convert ugly “village” shoes into fashionable and beautiful.

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