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Cushions – a cozy home-based business

Get acquainted, this is Dina Shuvalova – a linguist, teacher, translator and just a beautiful girl who tried to work in the office, but realized that boring office life and the limits of the working day consume too much time and leave no room for creativity.

Cushions – a cozy and home-based business

Then she decided to change the direction of her work and began to manufacture sofa cushions. Now Dina is successfully engaged in such a pleasant and beautiful business, has her own workshop and is thinking about further business development.

Business. Start

Dina says that, having received a diploma of a translator in the Khabarovsk branch of the St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law, she began to work. Teaching, translations – this naturally became the main work of Dina, but began to take a lot of time, energy and strength.

The idea of ​​creating your own needlework business came when Dina opened the Ulybak online store, which sold unusual and interesting things for home, office, unusual and touching gifts for friends and loved ones. The first pillows were sewn specifically to expand the range of cute trinkets in the store. Over time, the online store faded into the background, and then completely ceased to be interesting. The first customers in the sofa-pillow business were those who made purchases at Ulybak.

Cushions – a cozy and home-based business

Before cushions, Dina had a very indirect relation to needlework – she never did “manual work”, except in childhood she sewed and embroidered a little. But, probably, the role played by the fact that mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of our main character were excellent needlewomen.

Who are the clients of Dina Shuvalova? The bulk of buyers and customers are those who want to give a gift to loved ones. A pillow as a gift is non-standard, cute and pleasant. Most often, Dina herself chooses fabrics and forms of pillows, but sometimes she works on an individual client’s request.

Creativity is an integral part of Dina’s life. She likes to work and create things with her own hands, she likes to create and create, but business is not only creativity, business is work and difficult work!

Business is hard work

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At the time of the launch of her business project, Dina was not afraid of anything. Money for the online store was taken from the current salary, and no special investments were made either in the workshop or in the warehouse. Everything turned out easy and simple, but then Dina was surprised to learn that creating a website and launching sales is only the beginning of a long and thorny business path. It turned out that the business requires daily painstaking work.

Dina did not know the basics of building a business, she had to break through all the issues on her own, coming up with various advertising moves, conducting championships, maintaining constant activity on her project.

As soon as the activity on the portal ceased, then sales gradually decreased and went to the “no”. Therefore, work on the business should be consistently structured and should be carried out systematically.

Future plans

Dina’s main source of customers is word of mouth. Satisfied customers share contacts with their friends, people come to Dina for pillows and share reviews again, but this is not the only source of new acquaintances and new ideas.

Cushions – a cozy and home-based business

Dina is actively participating in fairs, meeting new people, talking to them, talking about herself and her work, sharing business cards, and then people come back and place orders.

In addition, Dina actively communicates with clients on social networks, supports her groups, but always prefers personal communication to network.
The craftsman conducts workshops on sewing cushions, gathers in a warm company, where you can not only drink delicious tea, but also create some interesting thing with your own hands.

It is worth noting that Dean does all the work independently – from the stage of purchasing and cutting fabric to sewing pillows. This business is not the only source of income for the girl, she continues to spend about half the time on translations and foreign languages, and she is occupied with pillows in the remaining time.

For a month it turns out to sew and sell about 4-5 sets of pillows, worth about 3,000-4,000 rubles each, which is about 20,000-30000 rubles per month. The costs of maintaining a home workshop remain almost minimal – materials for sewing, scissors, sewing equipment, etc. A whole queue even forms out of customers – tailoring a set of pillows can sometimes be delayed for up to 2 weeks and the lead time increases.

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