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Baker-Maker is a sweet and daring business

Helga received an art education in Nizhny Tagil, then moved to Moscow and began working in companies as a graphic designer, project manager, art director. She was used to working with creative people (designers, illustrators, etc.), she was used to building work schedules and managing, but at some point she was tired and wanted to do something that brought not only money, but also emotional pleasure.

Baker-Maker is a sweet and daring business

At one point, Helga realized that she wanted to cook unusual cakes, she wanted to decorate and decorate them unusually, but all that was missing was a little – a confectionery education.

Then Helga decided to attract friends to her idea, one of whom just started enthusiastically baking homemade cakes and was ready to join her company, and the second friend, who later became the main partner in the confectionery business, also supported the future confectioner.

In order not to work without experience, Helga decided and got into one of the Moscow confectioneries. She wanted not only to study the technical process of photographs and records in books, but also wanted to see the process of making cakes, try everything, feel it, understand how long it takes to complete a given task.

Helga sent her resume as a decorator to several establishments at once, and they went to a meeting in one candy store, allowing her to work in the kitchen. The girl was interested in absolutely everything – the weight of the mastic spent on the preparation of the cake, the mass of cakes, the amount of cream, etc. All this information was meticulously collected and entered into a notebook. After analyzing the data obtained, Helga came to the conclusion that the directors of the confectionery often do not even have an idea about how long their confectioner may need to complete the order. Therefore, some cakes were carried out in complete time pressure, and some orders were specially “delayed”.

Helga completed her experience in pastry shops with a grandiose home party, at which her first cake with mastic was baked – a cake in the shape of the head of a robot Bender from Futurama.

Friends were invited to try the cake, and also told that now girls can produce a cake of any shape, taste and color.

The first orders began to come from close friends, gradually the circle of customers expanded and within three months the Baker-Maker confectionery worked with completely unfamiliar customers.

The girls were very worried that they were not professionals, and constantly fought for the highest quality products. As novice businessmen, they simply could not afford “failure”, and the phrase “our biscuit didn’t rise, sorry” was just a nightmare.

Baker-Maker is a sweet and daring business

Gradually, beginning confectioners managed to work out recipes, write technical cards and learn to calculate everything in advance.
The initial investment in the business amounted to 40,000 rubles – this money was spent on equipment, mastic and packaging materials. Money returned quickly – within three months the project passed the breakeven point, and then began to bring in money that new confectioners began to set aside for further training and the acquisition of new kitchen devices.


Now 7 people work in the Baker-Maker team. These are managers, couriers, a pastry decorator, his assistant and founders of the business. Work on the design of the company is carried out by Irina Shoy. Despite her busyness and relocation to the UK, she continues to oversee her project in Moscow.

To find a person suitable for working in a team, he must be weeded out from college freshman graduates, and then trained and employed. There are not enough personnel on the market who have basic knowledge of color, who can work with mastic and are trained in the art of modeling.


Helga recalls that six months after the launch of the project, it became clear that he could not reach a higher level on his own and with knowledge. Therefore, income began to be postponed for training abroad. The UK was chosen as the venue for pastry courses. Since it was there that the art of cake modeling originated.

After another six months, the girls went to London for a two-week course on working with cookies and chocolate and mastic. Every day at a London school brought not only a sea of ​​pleasure, but also a lot of knowledge that made it possible to look at familiar things from a new perspective, making them less time-consuming and time consuming.


Of course, at the time the project started, there was no reason to think about a special room for the production of cakes. Everything was done at home and stored in home refrigerators. However, over time, not only the volume of orders began to grow, but also the size of the cakes themselves. Therefore, seven months after the start, it was necessary to rent premises with huge freezers.

The first memorable order was the order of Volvo, which wanted to present a 3D tractor cake to its employees in honor of the opening of a plant in Kaluga.

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