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Before you start your business
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Your business: the success of a yoga studio in times of crisis

Anna Chibusheva, the owner of the Ishvara yoga studio, believes that in times of crisis, one should bet on attracting clients. The business woman has big plans for the future, she wants to create a network of yoga studios by opening several branches in Omsk.

The start of the project with a million turnover per year was laid 2.5 years ago. Teaching yoga in various sports studios in her city was Anna’s main activity before she became the owner of a successful business.

Anna recalls how it all began with a passion for sports. Before coming to yoga, she was engaged in swimming in fins for more than 10 years. And when the question arose of choosing what to give preference to, it was difficult to decide, since she had been in the world of sports and competitions for a long time, and it was rather difficult to refuse all this.
Then Anna came up with the idea of ​​doing yoga, and a little later she decided to start teaching herself. Moreover, the teaching activity was carried out at once in several places and fairly well-known sports clubs in Omsk.

It happened that in one day Anna spent five trainings, then there was a break of about half an hour between classes, during which time she had to have time to get to another club.

Employment did not give the opportunity to realize their own ideas and plans, it was then that Anna decided to open her own studio. By that time, she had already received education in the direction of Ishwara Yoga.

According to the owner of the studio, it was this technique that was closest to her, and the method’s author Anatoly Zenchenko personally agreed that Anna should name her studio “Ishvara”. Of course, after this there was no doubt about the correctness of the decision.

This technique is offered only in the studio of Anna Chibusheva, which is its uniqueness. Having seven years of coaching experience, Anna had no problems at first with attracting clients, mostly it was her students, with whom she had previously worked in other clubs.

The customer base was quite large, plus word of mouth worked fine. At first, a rented hall was used for the studio, which was paid at the expense of the income from the training conducted there.


Two months after the opening of his studio, the tenant had to leave and look for a new room, all this happened in a hurry.

From Anna’s story: it was at that moment that she came across a variant of the room in which they still work. But then it was a roughing room.

The first thing Anna saw when she entered the hall was a mattress and an old door lying on the floor – they were left from the previous workers who left, and did not finish the repair.

In order to put the premises in order, it was necessary to first invest about 200 thousand rubles, and the landlord allowed to include this amount in the rental price. Coaching income has become a large part of start-up capital.

However, in the process of repair work, the initial amount had to be increased almost three times – relatives were already helping here (financially).

Thus, entrepreneurial activity was able to start without loans at the bank. Anna considers this a real success, as all the burdens and difficulties on the path to her own business are clear to her friends.

Advertising spending

Anna managed to start without investment in advertising, but at present, all efforts are directed precisely at brand promotion. Due to the crisis time, it is necessary to attract as many customers as possible. In addition, not all clients want to do yoga on an ongoing basis, such people may not attend classes regularly, or leave and then return.
Each client has the right to this, but the studio must also take care to avoid risks. The head of the studio decided in a time of crisis not to increase the cost of classes, which increased customer loyalty.

For many people who come to sports, the first time classes are inspired, but then this state passes, Anna is sure.

Most people think that after a month of training, they will become masters. And when they realize that this has not happened, desire quickly burns out. In addition, the bulk of customers are women. Periodically, the girls get married, plan an addition, which forces them to stop training for a while. And you must always be prepared for such changes.

As an advertising studio, Anna uses various methods of promotion.

At first it was an outdoor advertisement, which, unfortunately, did not justify the costs.

Enough serious investments are required to promote the studio, so Anna chose those ways that spared the budget of Ishvara studio. These include the Internet and various citywide events that attract a large number of people.

In addition, the head of business uses contextual advertising and promotion on social networks. There was also a joint advertising project with the Unified Taxi Service, which brought a positive result. The participants jointly issued double-sided business cards distributed among their customers.

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