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How to open your wedding agency from scratch

Get acquainted, this is Violetta Chernoshchechkina, a graduate of Yekaterinburg University, the owner of an economic diploma and a talented wedding planner. It all started very corny – a small blog, a pleasant hobby that in just two years has grown into a real wedding agency.

Wedding agency “Vpudre” – an excellent result with zero investment

Barter Business

Violetta received a classical education – no one expected any creative professions in her family, so art and design were postponed until later, and the first specialty was mastered in economics. For ten years, Violetta worked in various factories and enterprises and did not even dream about her own wedding agency.

It all started with one single wedding, which Violetta and her friend helped make for a young couple. The wedding was spectacular, unusual and very beautiful, so the results of the work were posted on the blog and shown to the whole Runet. Many liked the wedding, so a flurry of letters and calls fell on the girls, in which people asked to make a similar holiday for themselves.

At first, the girls were not going to work in this direction, but gradually began to organize a celebration after a celebration, and continued to upload the results of the work to the network. After some time, Violetta’s girlfriend went to America, and the blog ceased to exist. But Violetta took a chance and decided to take up the wedding business: without the experience of creating her own business, without investment, exclusively earning her skills and knowledge.

One of her wards, brides, for whom Violet organized a wedding, helped Violette create the site, and the first professional photographsby the same barter.

Team and competitors

The wedding business is a fairly small niche in which it is quite possible to know all your competitors by sight. True, Violetta says that she can’t even call her “wedding” acquaintances rivals. Each product has its own merchant, and each bride has her own views on the upcoming celebration and her own wedding organizer.

Of course, each company stands at its own specific level, which is why the fast-growing company Vpudre constantly changes its guidelines:

Violetta has already outgrown her “competitors of the last year” and now she has reached the level of those agencies that have been working in the wedding business for more than 10-15 years.

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Regularly, Violetta is faced with the fact that her employees are trying to lure the new, just opened companies for organizing celebrations. But she was lucky with the staff – none of them had yet accepted the invitation to work behind the boss. Now there are seven people working in the Voodra team: designers and organizers, decorators and graphic artists, as well as regular photographers, videographers, makeup artists who are tested not only by time but also by human relationships.

Wedding agency “Vpudre” – an excellent result with zero investment

Violetta says that for her, human relations still remain in the foreground, so those who go to work as hard labor and sit “from bell to bell” in the team do not take root and do not remain in projects. The problem of personnel selection, as always, remains relevant – it is necessary to calculate from the total number of people who will catch the wave of the agency, be able to work in a team and take root in business.

How ideas are born

Ideas surround and wait for the wedding organizer at almost every step – public on VKontakte and Instagram, various groups and fashion trends – all this allows you to create your own idea of ​​the beautiful. Naturally, it is important to be able to listen and hear a client who may not even know what they want, but who are happy to share their hobbies and fantasies with the organizer, and the designer and decorator can try to make a suitable concept or idea out of these ideas.

But not only the general styles and trends in the organization of celebrations are changing, but also the approaches to the distribution of funds. If just three or four years ago, the newlyweds “with a creak” laid out for flowers and floristic decorations at the celebration of 7000-8000 rubles, now many couples are ready to spend sums, large by an order, because they like the result.

Wedding agency “Vpudre” – an excellent result with zero investment

The cost of an average beautiful, cheerful and comfortable wedding for 40 people is estimated by Violetta to be in the amount of about 600,000 – 700,000 rubles. – This is a wedding without frills, but also beautiful and high-quality.

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