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How to make money for the New Year. We operate Santa Claus.

New Year’s bustle and traditions are appreciated all over the world. There are many different types of businesses that are seasonal in nature, but the most magical and mass walks attract many entrepreneurial people to organize any New Year’s, unusual and outstanding business.
If we turn to the original source of the New Year’s commotion, it will be clear that this holiday was initiated by entrepreneurs of that time (XVIII century), so that the New Year fair would be profitable.

You can earn money on Santa Clauses even now, providing a traditional service – calling Santa Claus for a matinee, for an event, for your home.

Santa Claus is not expensive

Affordable prices for the service are looking for moms and dads in our country. All family forums in another month and a half begin to look for a New Year wizard for their children. Discussions raise issues such as pricing, scenarios, and look for where to order Santa Claus.
Faith in a fairy tale among children remains as long as the parents support it, and the Russian Santa Claus is the most anticipated wizard who will bring the desired gift and turn life into a fairy magic.

Holiday agencies honestly admit that New Year’s applications far exceed the capabilities of the staff of animators available in the state.

That is, people want to receive a service and are willing to pay for it. Only with a reservation – by no means any money. Only a certain category of people can turn to professional agencies, the rest, having heard an amount exceeding the level of their expectations, refuse the application. High prices in holiday organizations are necessitated by taxes, you have to pay taxes for something, therefore they cannot provide services at reduced rates.

Where to get money to start your own business? It is this problem that 95% of beginning entrepreneurs face! In the article “Where to get money for a business,” we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
This is where opportunities for non-professionals open up, as this market is unprofitable for medium and large companies. The niche of the Santa Claus call services available to the population will enable enterprising people with good business incentives to earn money.

Small format and costs

Despite the fact that you do not have a large entertainment company, registering as an entrepreneur you need is enough IP. There are several options for the development of such a company:
Closing after the New Year holidays;
Submit a zero-income declaration before the next New Year;
Expand by providing services for the organization of celebrations of non-New Year themes.
If you are set to seasonal part-time work, it is better to close the IP after the end of the festivities. The costs of opening / closing an IP amount to the established state duty for the relevant procedures of 800 and 160 rubles at the moment. Ordering a print is not necessary, as well as opening a separate bank account.

The cost of this will not be limited. To conduct the New Year’s business, you need the appropriate attributes – costumes for Santa Claus and his beautiful granddaughter. The average cost of finished suits is approximately 5-10 thousand rubles. It is believed that you need to have about 5 pairs of animators (a great solution is to hire students, because they are active, energetic and hardy), so that the profit is less tangible.

Organizational issues can be dealt with independently – to advertise, hire performers and come to conclude contracts. Mobility in the hot season will play into your hands, because consumers do not like to go to the office, even if it is located within walking distance. Coming to customers to draw up documents for your home, draw up driving directions – this is useful for actors who will work on the application.

Advertising and other expenses should also be considered. If enough people find out about you, advertising costs will pay off many times. So, for everything about everything to launch a small temporary holiday agency, you will spend about 70 thousand rubles.

Margin and Rates

This year, prices for the services of fairy-tale characters have already been announced, and you can familiarize yourself with them. The price list for the visit of Santa Claus varies depending on the date on which the fabulous guest and granddaughter are invited. 15 minutes of a festive performance will cost:
2600 rub. – when ordering animators until December 15;
3100 rub. – for the presence of Santa Claus at the holiday after December 25;
9000 rub. – New Year’s Eve immediately after the chimes.
Everywhere prices vary, and only approximate tariffs are given. Regional specifics and the saturation of the service market can substantially correct these amounts.

If you calculate all the initial data, it turns out that for a month of work with 5 pairs of actors, the profit of the New Year’s holiday agency will not be lower than 200,000 rubles. But such an amount appeared after tariff reductions by 40% of the above and taking into account transportation costs.

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