Business Ideas for Teens
The teenage period is the most important stage in the life of any person. It is in the period from 13 to 21 years that an understanding of where to…

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Rubber crumb - the working idea of a successful and profitable business
Rubber crumb coating is the trend of this year. Moreover, the production of this coating is a very popular direction, which can bring serious profits. There is practically no competition…

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Business Ideas for Teens
The teenage period is the most important stage in the life of any person. It is in the period from 13 to 21 years that an understanding of where to…

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Profitable business for the provision of handyman services

Today, this type of business, such as outsourcing of working personnel, outstaffing, recruiting workers for jobs that do not require special skills, such as loaders, general workers, auxiliary workers, etc., is becoming more and more relevant.

If you are interested in working in this area, you can immediately see the details on this link, and if you need proof of prospects in this niche, then read them below. You can also find out below about the campaign, which is held by the “Personal Solution” this month.

What will you do if you decide to go into such a business?

You will offer customers a new solution to their old problems.

Consider a simple example – a factory, production or warehouse terminal with a certain number of jobs for movers, general laborers or auxiliary workers. In fact, the specific functions that a team of workers perform, whether loading / unloading trucks and wagons, mowing grass or digging trenches, are not particularly important.

And now, let’s imagine the work of the management of a customer company with this category of people – it’s necessary to recruit staff, arrange for them to staff, pay taxes, pay holidays, etc. – all this requires time and financial costs.

Plus, the level of labor productivity and motivation of full-time workers of the enterprise will be, as practice shows, not very high. But there is also the human factor, it is especially applicable to this contingent of people (meaning workers).

And if the specifics of the enterprise is such that today they need 5 people, and tomorrow 100 – to keep the plant in a permanent state and pay salaries to the whole hundred workers?

You will solve these problems, offer your clients as many working personnel as they need at the moment – draw up a staffing table for the number of daily required workers, which you coordinate with the customer, and now he does not need to pay a constant salary to the whole hundred workers – there will be so much daily motivated and highly productive staff as needed on that particular day.

The client no longer pays for everything, he pays only the cost of working hours of the staff provided by us. Profits come from every hour of employees.

Suppose you are working with a warehouse. Loaders constantly work on it. Change – from 8 to 12 hours, 22 days a month. Calculate the net hourly profit. Suppose a customer pays you 190 rubles per hour. 100 rubles of them go to pay the employee, 40 – for taxes and overhead, 50 – your profit.

But not everyone can start a business from scratch, without any experience and support. For those who are not ready to take such a risk, there is a safer option, namely, work on the franchise of the Personal Solution company, which has been accumulating vast experience in this business for many years and is ready to share it.

For more than 8 years of history, the Personal Solution Company has developed a model for conducting effective business, which confirms the many prizes and awards won by them.

Franchise of “Personal Solution” – the most successful innovative company in Russia according to the version of the world’s largest business auditor Deloitte.

Built on the basis of 8 years of experience;
Successfully withstood the crisis of 2008-2009 with a 10-fold increase in profits;
Thanks to its rapid development, it got on the Forbes pages;
Verified by 150 partners.
What kind of support do you get by purchasing the Personalized Solution franchise?

You get a package of business, legal and marketing documents that give answers to ALL questions:
-Attraction and registration of relationships with customers and employees.

-Building and further development of the business.

-Minimization of the share of fixed costs.

-Effective employee search schemes.

– Methods of domination in the market of similar services, proven by practice for 8 years.

Powerful selling portal – become the owner of a site worth more than 1 million rubles.
-A representative office on our website, in which more than a million rubles have already been invested.

– Super-efficient marketing and promotional materials, built on the basis of 8 years of testing empirically and already bringing us orders (and money).

-Everything is tailored for sales in our niche! 4

-Development and creation of a high-quality website and promotional materials from scratch will take from 1 to 3 months. Our development took more than six months!

-We have carefully worked out the business logic and website design to the smallest detail.

-You get copywriting (selling texts) for all pages.

IT solution of our own design for the selection and provision of personnel.
– Simplifies the hiring of personnel near the facility;

-Reduces time and money, so it takes 15 minutes instead of 3 hours to select a team;

-Stores information about employees, customers, facilities, shifts, SMS mailings, salaries;

-Counts the rating of employees;

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