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Top 10 Prohibited Business Ideas

Let’s face it, not everyone is destined to be businessmen. Not everyone will be able to enjoy luxurious yachts, luxurious receptions and luxurious forms of their secretaries. Such is life, gentlemen of the jury. No one promised justice, coffee in bed and low prices for black sturgeon caviar.

The competition in any industry is now so high that you need to think 10 times before chopping off your shoulder and rushing into the business with drafts. “What to do?” – the Trudovik Vitaly from the 1st elementary school of a remote Siberian village will ask us. Vitaly, everything is simple.

Be patient, learn the alphabet, now we will talk about what they will not tell in the most fierce crime reports on NTV, they will not write in the yellow press, and even Stephen King will not mention this information in his ominous stories.

The editors of did not sleep for five days in a row, they ate exclusively Red Bull and freshly brewed Espresso, but still managed to prepare material for which Roskomnadzor could shut us down, and specially trained people from the local provider would go to our place of residence. Do not worry about us, we are already lost in the dense jungle of Laos, so we publish this material at YOUR risk and peril.

So, we decided to dream up and talk about ten business ideas, for which not only they will not be put on the Nobel laureates, but they will also be put on the international wanted list. We’ll have to sit out somewhere near us, there is enough place for tents in the jungle for everyone.


Top 10 business ideas not talked about

1. Trade in organs

Look at the picture below and estimate how much you can earn from selling, for example, a scalp from the head of your sleeping friend.


As can be seen from the figure, the most expensive part of the human body is not the breasts at all (hello to the girls with the 4th size!), But the kidney. The kidneys are a filter that can clog specifically if you use your body anyhow. Sell ​​a couple of kidneys, buy an apartment in Moscow. Sell ​​ten pieces – buy a villa in Spain by the sea.

One main question remains. Where to get organs in bulk and preferably cheap? You can open a shop somewhere in the underpass or rent an office in a fashionable business center. And in these places to accept people who want to get rid of the scalp, teeth, kidneys, palms and other unnecessary parts of the body. There was an experience in China, when the boy for the iPad was ready to leave his kidney. Why not put this business on stream, accepting organs from the population at one price, and selling them at completely different prices?

radiation2. Sale of radioactive materials

If you notice in a crowd of a person who moves awkwardly on three legs, scratches his eye with his tongue, and carries something strange in his fifteen-fingered hand – you know, this person sells radioactive substances!

It would seem, why expose yourself to such a risk, get involved with this kind of dangerous enterprise and put your cockroaches in jeopardy not only in the apartment, but also in your head? Everything is simple. Substances with a radioactive component are quite expensive on the black market. In some places even more expensive than the aforementioned kidneys. The main thing here is to successfully find a point of sale. More precisely no, not so.

The most important thing in this kind of business is to manage to spend money before your third eye grows on your forehead, and the girls in the clubs start to scatter in panic when you show them how skillfully you can breathe the gills that suddenly grew in the knee area .

A dangerous, very dangerous type of business, almost as dangerous as the abandoned Mexican neighborhoods in Chinatown somewhere in the Lipetsk area.

But we know something about you. Who does not risk, that … cat!

wedd-box3. Organization of fights at weddings

What a wedding without a fight? It is especially fun to participate in a wedding, where there will be a fight between the mother-in-law and the bride, mother-in-law with the son-in-law or friends of the groom with the girlfriends of the bride. But bad luck, such a spectacle is quite rare, so it’s so hard to find a cool video on YouTube with just such events.

You have a chance to fix everything and open your own agency, which will bring a fight right in the midst of the holiday. You can even during the first dance of the young. For a special price, you can arrange to drag the host to the epicenter of the fight, which has already annoyed everyone, although the wedding began only ten minutes ago. There is no toastmaster, not all of these “so let’s drink for love, because it makes lovers forever young!” Organ transplantation from the first idea or a successful mutation that can be experienced by trading in radioactive substances can make young lovers forever young. Do not believe the toastmaster!

In addition, a brawl to order is also an opportunity to invite people who walk along dark streets in search of trouble. It turns out that you are paid by the one who ordered the fight and paid by those who want to participate in the fight. Like it or not, wherever you spit – everywhere are solid bonuses. Go for it!

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