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Business Ideas for Teens

The teenage period is the most important stage in the life of any person. It is in the period from 13 to 21 years that an understanding of where to move and what to do in life is formed. “I want to become an astronaut, a fireman, a doctor” – all this is leaving and the most real priorities and goals are replacing. Of course, not everyone, but many have a plan for the next 10-15 years.

Most do not see beyond their nose and go along the beaten paths that parents tell them. Get an education, get a job, start moving up the career ladder, family, children – all this is painfully familiar to us. This route is patterned and 80% of young people sooner or later get into this rut.

But there are some teenagers who do not want to live on stencils and already in their young years think about their own business and how to succeed in this life. The example of the young startups that we wrote about is the most revealing.

We have collected several ideas that can be useful to adolescents and help them earn their first money, which can already be invested in a more serious business. Well, or to squander everything earned in the club. Everyone will make a choice on their own.

1. Service of orders; Service of orders

Since time is the most valuable thing that we have in life, many people try to catch as much as possible per unit of this very time. They do not want to waste themselves on buying food in stores, cooking food and other time-consuming things.

If you help people save their time, then you can make money on it. You can carry out light assignments and get your own penny for it. The most difficult thing is to figure out how you can save others time and offer them your services.

You can start from your porch, at home, expand your field of activity to the street, and so on. Thus, it will be possible to earn pocket money and spend it on your needs. Well, or invest in your future.

Consultant on social media, on social networks 2. Consultant on social media, on social networks

We can no longer live without the Internet, and adolescents even more so. Each young person on average spends 4-5 hours on social networks every day. Why not make money on it?

Many small businesses have long opened their representative offices on the network, and now everyone has broken into social networks. You can apply all your knowledge of social networks and help newcomers to master in this new information space for them.

You can find in the network the best offers for the purchase of a product and offer these prices to people who are engaged in trade. For a fixed rate, of course.

3. Computer Skills TrainingP47xp5vG Computer Skills Training

This is a completely logical idea. A teenager cannot live without a computer, therefore, he owns it at a fairly high level. At the same time, there are a lot of people around who are not trained in computer literacy. These are schoolchildren, people of retirement age and the rest, who decided that it was very mastery of a computer for them.

Actually, you can earn your first pocket money on training. Who knows, it is quite possible, as a result, you can open a whole training center, which includes a range of services. It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.


This activity is very popular in Western countries. Unfortunately, our nannies are not so widespread, but if you like people, and especially children, then you have a direct road to the nannies. Young parents very often want to be alone, go to the movies, go to a restaurant, and leave no one to leave their child (especially if there are no grandparents). You can offer these services to your parents.

For a small fee, you can spend 1-2 days a week to entertain a neighbor’s child. Take a look at single mothers who are forced to work, raise a child and somehow arrange their personal lives. Most likely, this is a good target audience for you.

Do not forget that in order to be a good nanny, you must have tremendous patience. And nerves of iron, yes.

5. Work as a loader or packer. Work as a loader or packer. POWrqTNm

Nothing tempers the spirit as a loader. You have depression, your girlfriend threw and does not call, is autumn and slush on the street? Sit down for a week as a loader and all your problems will recede into the background. With the right attitude to such work, you can not only make good money (ask movers in Moscow), but also clear your clogged consciousness.

You can also help people pack their things when moving. Believe me, this is still a headache that many are ready to shove on someone.

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