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How to become a beekeeper and enter the international market

Who would have thought literally 10 years ago that the pleasant kind of relaxation of Dmitry Nikolaev, in the form of work with bees, will turn into a successful family business project.

At first, the hobby brought only pleasure, but over time it began to bring not only moral pleasure, but also material, and now Dmitry has a contract with Canada for the supply of honey abroad.

Russian family apiary conquers the world

How does a Russian product manage to enter the world stage and gain world recognition? The founder of the apiary, Dmitry, will tell us about this today.

How did the idea come about?

Dmitry recalls that in 1993 he graduated from the Chemical Engineering College in his hometown of Anzhero-Sudzhensk, having received the specialty of “Industrial Equipment Mechanic,” and then joined the army. After the army, in 1994, he entered the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, but failed to get a crust on higher education.

Studying was abandoned, and Dmitry himself went to Bratsk in search of work at metallurgical enterprises. After some time, the young man became confident that it was necessary to work only for himself. I wanted not only to perform other people’s tasks, but to be free in choosing a profession, choosing a path of development and self-improvement.

Dmitry founded the first business in his hometown of Anzhero-Sudzhensk. Together with a friend, Dmitry rented a plot of wood on which they were engaged in sawing wood and producing furniture from wood.

Dmitry liked the work – fresh air, forest, the smell of freshly sawn wood, but this work had its drawbacks, which made Dmitry three years later look for a new source of income:

Firstly, the legislation has changed, and since 2004 it was allowed to rent a forest for 20 years. This was too much responsibility, and Dmitry was worried that their IP would not be able to compete with major players in the woodworking market.

Secondly, Dmitry already had a family, and most of his time he spent away from his family.

Russian family apiary conquers the world

In 2004, Dmitry decided to work again “for his uncle” and got a job as a fire department commander. In parallel with this, Dmitry’s mother prompted him a new direction of activity – beekeeping. Mom argued her choice of a hobby for her son by the fact that beekeepers are not poor people, and Dmitry needs to provide for his family.

Dima, having heard about the bees, was surprised – because until that moment he had never been to the apiary, but decided not to discard the idea and consider it in more detail.

He liked the concept of working with bees – these insects do not harm the environment, do not spoil the environment, are clean enough and, at the same time, honey is a product of their life activity – which means that insects will not have to be killed in the end, as is the case with cows or pigs .

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Beekeeper’s first steps

As a person with experience of studying at a university, Dmitry began preparing for the opening of an apiary with a detailed study of the materiel. In a short period of time, he read more than 20 books on beekeeping, studied many theories and points of view of beekeepers, and even remotely imbued with love and respect for these little toilers.

The first four hives were purchased in the spring of 2004, and they were placed at the cottage with Dima’s parents. But before starting work with bees Dmitry decided to go to a master class to an experienced beekeeper who had been listening to a young man for a long time, and then asked “Why did you come? You know me better! ”

Dmitry complained about the lack of basic skills to work with these insects and immediately received the first master class from a professional.

Then there were a lot of mistakes and inaccuracies – so the first collection of honey almost failed, because Dima forgot to close the tap in a centrifuge, and honey flowed to the floor.

At first, the apiary remained exclusively in the role of a hobby – the number of bee families did not increase, but the work brought a lot of pleasure!

Russian family apiary conquers the world

Entrance to the foreign market

In 2012, everything changed dramatically. Dmitry met beekeepers not only from Russia, but also from Canada and other foreign countries. He heard about a technology that allows you to effortlessly contain 10 times more bees than is contained in the largest apiary in Russia.

In 2013, Dmitry opened an IP for beekeeping, the number of bee families began to increase exponentially – from 20 families in 2012 to 120 families in 2014.

Of course, the more bees are kept in the apiary, the more helpers the owner of the business should have.

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