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Business ideas straight from Thailand

Most business ideas are so primitive that people simply don’t notice them under their feet. They walk on them, kick them, look away. But there is nothing easier to focus your eyes and understand that money is literally lying around at every step. Of course, these are not millions of dollars or even millions of our own rubles, but still.

If you choose, “work for uncle” and work for yourself, then most of our readers will choose the second option. We believe in that. And it is for such progressive and active people that we seek and publish business ideas from around the world.

I (the editor-in-chief of this magazine) recently visited Thailand. Pretty interesting Asian country with its own characteristics. Since I lived there for quite a long time (Thai girls drag out, you know), I began to record for myself some moments from the life of Thais that are related to business. What do they earn on, how do they do it, how much in the end can they earn on their classes / goods.

Thailand is a rather poor country and a salary of 10,000 rubles is considered very good there. Not for nothing that many rent an apartment in the capital of our country and leave somewhere on the islands. But this is the topic of another conversation that we will bypass. Despite the fact that people in the country are poor, they are also lazy. Well, whoever wants to tear his claws when you can lie under a palm tree on the seashore and slowly drink fresh juice, which is quite cheap. The brain of an average Thai is not at all tuned into any serious business.

A simple example. Cafe, which in Thailand is a dime a dozen. Most of the institutions that look presentable belong to Europeans, or to people who are close to them. The standard Thai cafe is a gas bottle, simple cooking appliances, plastic chairs and tables. Cheap and cheerful. Tasty, no one argues. But many people bypass such places, afraid of contracting something terrible and ending their days somewhere on the seashore, scattered by the ashes at dawn.

That is why ideas for doing business in Thailand are pretty simple. People earn some money in their field, but the amounts are most likely not very significant.

Here are 5 business ideas from Thailand that are worth mentioning.

Chinese Lantern Business in Thailand 1) Selling Chinese lanterns on the beach.

It has been seen in Phuket. In the evening and at night on the beaches there are a lot of solvent vacationers. Thai people buy Chinese lanterns at numerous stores and then resell them at night beach. Trade is quite brisk. Lovers roam ashore who are not averse to performing the mysterious ritual of launching a flashlight into the air. It’s funny, but all the actions to launch (arson, releasing into the sky) are done by the seller for the lovers. You just pay and help a little. Got a fan? Are you satisfied? Please pay 100r. If this flashlight costs 30 rubles, then on a good day, an active Thai can earn up to 500-700 rubles of net profit.

2) Numerous Laundries. Laundries in Thailand

Everywhere in Thailand you can find the inscription – “Laundry, 40 BT / KG”. Laundry services are very relevant and in demand, so they can be found within a radius of 1 kilometer, wherever you are. If you temporarily live in Thailand or suddenly you accidentally spilled wine on your evening dress, then you can use the services of washing machines, which are almost on the street. There are several types of laundries.

For example, there are automatic laundries. On the street there are washing machines that act as vending machines. Pour your powder, throw your clothes on, pay 20 baht (20 rubles) and go out for an hour. After that, come and take your clothes.

Where to get money to start your own business? It is this problem that 95% of beginning entrepreneurs face! In the article “Where to get money for a business,” we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
There are also manual laundries. Bring your clothes, when you measure the weight and ask to pay. The next day, you can pick up washed and ironed clothes. Very convenient, I must say.

Massage in Thailand3) Massage

If you did not do Thai massage, then you were not in Thailand. Many Thais open their own massage parlors, where they receive tourists and their compatriots. Several types of massage, pleasant smells and a relaxing atmosphere, all this contributes to the fact that massage parlors are almost never empty. It is an important fact that if the price in Russia for an hour of massage can reach 1000 rubles, then in Thailand they will give you an inferior massage for 300 rubles. They’ll also give you tea.

If the massage point is in a crowded place, then it is able to generate up to 3-4,000 rubles of net profit on a good day. A simple idea, but quite profitable in terms of monetization.

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