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Exit car wash via mobile application

In modern conditions, more and more people begin to value their time. On average, a person spends 2 hours on a car wash, taking into account the time spent on the road and waiting in line. Agree, a lot? There are many ways to spend this time on more useful things.


Fast and Shine this year launched a unique service previously unavailable in any country in the world.
Using a mobile application, you can order your car wash anywhere in the city. When the application is launched for the first time, the client is invited to add his car to the database and attach a bank card.

When ordering a service, the program automatically determines the location of the client, you only need to enter a convenient time and the desired package of services. In the event that only an external wash is required, the client does not even need to go out to the car – money is automatically debited from the attached card. If a complex washing is carried out, before starting work in the car interior, the car wash employee contacts the client and requests access to the cabin.

Car processing is carried out according to a special technology using polymer detergent compositions, which allows not to use water during washing.

At the same time, there is no dirt left near the car and no harm is done to the paintwork. All detergents for a “car wash without water” are produced by Fast and Shine. The quality and safety of these products has been proven by the laboratory at the Russian Academy of Sciences and the company’s many years of experience.

For 2 years in a row, Fast and Shine itself has been on the Forbes list of the most profitable franchises in Russia.

No problems with the staff.

For almost any business in the service sector, the personnel problem is acute. Fast and Shine uses a unique job placement system. Anyone can come to the company, ready to work within the boundaries of their area with a completely free schedule.
For this, a specialist needs to undergo two-day training and certification, receive all the necessary supplies for a mobile car wash, and install a separate application on his smartphone for which he will be able to take orders.
Thus, a mobile car wash employee in our case is a freelancer who can serve orders at a convenient time for himself. It is enough for him to turn on the application, after which he will see all the orders closest to him. If he is ready to go to a specific client, he puts in the application the status of acceptance of the order and goes to serve him.

Fast and Shine receives a commission of 40-60 percent on each order.

Quality control.

After processing the order, the client has the opportunity to evaluate the work of the employee and give him an assessment on a five-point scale. Thus, each employee of an exit car wash has their own average rating, based on which the number of orders offered to the washerman depends.
The higher the rating, the more orders the specialist sees in his application and the more he will be able to earn.

In fact, each employee is a small entrepreneur – they understand that the level of income depends only on the quality of the work performed and their hard work.
Organization of processes.

The car wash business without water is quite simple to organize, both in terms of personnel issues and in terms of financial investments. In this business, operating expenses are minimized – all that is required of an entrepreneur is to rent a small warehouse, from where the staff will be provided with consumables, hire a dispatcher for feedback from customers and an employee responsible for training and staff selection.
Fast and Shine provides all the necessary instructions and supplies for a full-fledged start to its partners when concluding a franchise agreement.

The main difficulty in this business is the correct setting of the advertising campaign within the city. In total, Fast and Shine has more than 120 representatives in the cities of Russia, the CIS countries, Israel, China and Serbia. Representative offices are opened in cities with more than 80,000 people – even in a very limited market, they manage to find their client and build a business.

Having extensive experience in promoting a mobile car wash service in cities with various specifics, the head office of the company offers the most effective and inexpensive methods of promotion for each specific city where a representative office is opened.

Partner support is the key to success.

The company holds online webinars on a regular basis to discuss the results of work over the past period, together with partners, new tasks are set and methods for their implementation are proposed.
In addition, a personal consultant is attached to each representative, who provides full support at all stages of development, from going to a partner to train the first employees, ending with help in concluding contracts for organizing stationary service posts in city parking lots.

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