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Rubber crumb – the working idea of a successful and profitable business

Rubber crumb coating is the trend of this year. Moreover, the production of this coating is a very popular direction, which can bring serious profits. There is practically no competition in this niche; there are no large monopolies either. In addition, all new directions appear where this coating is applied.

What are the benefits of rubber crumb coating? This modern material has a lot of positive qualities that attract consumers:
The coating looks expensive, high quality;
Wide color gamut;
Large size range;
Various thickness;
Shockproof surface;
Does not slip;
Moisture does not accumulate on it;
Does not lose the brightness of paints under the influence of solar radiation;
Heat resistance;
Long service life – more than 40 years.
The manufacturing technology is quite simple – a mixture of glue with rubber crumb and the desired color with a dye is heated to a certain temperature.

Market and coating production features

Before you begin to put the idea into practice, you need to analyze the demand and determine the potential market. Since the use of rubber crumb coating is quite versatile, sales can be found in different directions. So, the rubber coating will be in demand for:
Creating coverage on playgrounds;
Improvements of the local area in the private sector;
Equipment of production sites with a non-sliding surface, which reduces injuries;
Floor coverings in washing and dressing rooms in saunas and baths;
Coverings of the blind areas and the area near the ice rinks or pools;
Farm flooring.
Playground rubber crumb coating

The production technology is so simple that no special skills are required. This direction can even be done as an extension of the service sector.

For example, tire owners can use old and unnecessary tires and tires to optimize the workspace and earn extra income from waste parts, which are the basis for creating such a convenient product in the future.

The composition of the rubber coating is as follows:

rubber crumb;
polyurethane adhesive;
powder dye.
Car tires and tires are crushed to obtain a homogeneous mass. This raw material makes up 85% of the total weight of the finished coating. It should be noted that there is another area – the production of rubber tiles, but it is somewhat different from what is being considered now. For the production of crumb rubber itself, quite expensive equipment will be needed, but it quickly pays for itself.

To expand the assortment, as an option, rubber granules of different colors can be added in the form of drawings.

The production process is called pressing, and it looks like this:

rubber crumb, polyurethane glue and the right color dye in the ratio of 85: 10: 5 are loaded into the hopper, everything is mixed;
the mixture is filled in the mold;
the desired vulcanization temperature is set depending on the parameters of the tile;
finished tiles are removed from the molds after cooling.
Rubber production

There is a second option for making a rubber coating of crumbs, vibration casting: instead of molds, molds are poured into a vibrating table for two days.

Where to begin?

If you have 1.7 million rubles for the initial start, you can immediately rent a room for workshop equipment, buy molds or a vibration table, equipment for grinding rubber, and begin to produce crumb coating.
If you buy a chopper, it will be able to produce almost 2.5 tons of crumbs per day. The average price of a kilogram on sales ranges around 12 rubles.

Of course, attractive numbers do not guarantee successful development of events. Every step should be worked out, expressed in a business plan with a time period of at least 3 years. You will have to rely on a specific sales market, that is, just starting production without implementation is an absolutely unsuccessful undertaking.

Costs and Payback

If we talk about the payback time of the launched production, everything here is individual and depends on the scale of the enterprise itself and on the success of marketing of finished products. On average, this indicator ranges from one and a half to two years.
The calculation of costs (for the purchase of basic equipment for the organization of the workshop) will be approximately as follows:

forms for the press – 30 thousand rubles. for one piece;
press – about 300 thousand rubles;
mixing hopper – approx. 200 thousand rubles;
a chamber for drying the finished coating – the costs of improvised materials will be required, and so – you can do it yourself.
Where to get money to start your own business? It is this problem that 95% of beginning entrepreneurs face! In the article “Where to get money for a business,” we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur.

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