Business Idea - Gift Baskets
If you are one of those who go crazy on various celebrations and birthdays, choosing oh-some special gifts, and then wrap them in creative packaging, then you will be completely…

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How and how much you can earn on window dressing
A business such as the provision of services related to window dressing in the advertising age is in demand, especially if the organizer has the ability to convince potential customers.…

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How and how much you can earn on window dressing
A business such as the provision of services related to window dressing in the advertising age is in demand, especially if the organizer has the ability to convince potential customers.…

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How to open a successful franchise creative gift shop for children

We talked with Natalya Ivanova (27 years old), Moscow – which owns five stores “Orange Elephant”, open on a franchise basis. A very interesting experience, which suggests that the franchise business is not so scary, but in some places quite profitable.

foto2Natalya, why did you open a franchise store? Isn’t it easier to independently come up with a name, order a product and become the owner of a small but your own business?

Opening a store under a well-known well-known brand, which already enjoys the trust and loyalty of customers and is supported by advertising, is one of the advantages of the franchise.

For me it was a great opportunity to open my own business, as I have never done business.

How did you choose the franchise for what parameters?

I want to emphasize that it is important to choose a franchise not only for a promising area, but as they say “to your liking.”

I chose the “Orange Elephant” franchise – products for children’s creativity and children’s gifts, because as a woman, this business line is clear and interesting to me.

This company has franchise terms very affordable in finance. Royalty is missing. The lump-sum fee for acquiring brand rights is small relative to other franchise market players. Quick payback – from 3 months. I liked the design of stores, corporate identity.

I understood that a lump-sum payment is my symbolic contribution, and I will save time and effort on building a business structure. For me everything has already been thought out, found and bypassed the “pitfalls”.

A franchise is also the acquisition of confidence that you will not be left face to face with the questions that arise, but that you will receive the constant support and advice of an experienced franchisor. From the moment of signing the contract to this day, I have been assigned a manager in the central office of the company, who is always ready to help, answer all the smallest questions.

Also a significant role was played by the remark of my friend, who works as an analyst in a serious company: “Products for children’s creativity are a steadily growing market niche – up to 20% per year.” I had no more doubts; I “caught fire” with this store, brand, and products.

Have you known TM Orange Elephant before, bought creative sets?

At the time of opening the business, I didn’t have my own children, so I was not a frequent visitor to the stores. But the Orange Elephant has heard about the brand more than once, thanks to the company’s active advertising policy on television, radio, the press, and the Internet. Now my daughter Irishka is 2 years old. Modeling dough kits and finger paints are always at her disposal.
And at the time of the purchase of the franchise, did you get acquainted with shops and products?

When choosing a franchise, it is important to look at the company’s existing stores with your own eyes and make sure that the products are popular. That is exactly what I did.

In the studio store “Orange Elephant” parents crowded in the creative zone of the master classes, some of them enthusiastically painted and sculpted under the guidance of the promoter.

On the counter flaunted unusually funny crafts. We must pay tribute to the professionalism, competence and friendliness of the seller, I left the store with three sets for creativity.

TM products Orange elephant is generally a separate topic for discussion. I fell in love with her at first sight. The spectacular packaging design and the idea of ​​each set are unique and have no analogues in the market. Sets are born in the amazing atmosphere of the Orange Elephant creative workshop. The company provides a wide range, which is regularly updated according to demand in the market of buyers.

By the way, according to Forbes Magazine dated August 4, 2013, the Orange Elephant entered the top three franchises designed for children.
Natalya, what other benefits does the franchisee get?

Where to get money to start your own business? It is this problem that 95% of beginning entrepreneurs face! In the article “Where to get money for a business,” we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
The franchisee receives a permanent discount on the entire volume of purchased goods, the company trains employees and introduces all the nuances of work, and advertising materials are also regularly provided in the form of: printing, logo packages, DVDs with fascinating video tutorials on modeling and drawing. Of course, a large-scale advertising company and the promotion of the Orange Elephant brand as a whole have a huge impact on demand.

When a franchise decision is made, what’s the next step?

Having time to conclude an agreement with the franchisor first or one of the first in a small city is the key to success. In cities with millionaires, of course, there is where to turn around.

Find a trading place in the city with good traffic and an appropriate target audience. The location of the store means a lot.

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