Business Idea - Image Consultant
As an image consultant, you give your clients, both men and women, recommendations for improving their appearance, which will help them find a better job, their couple, shine at their…

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Business Idea - Image Consultant
As an image consultant, you give your clients, both men and women, recommendations for improving their appearance, which will help them find a better job, their couple, shine at their…

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How and how much you can earn on window dressing
A business such as the provision of services related to window dressing in the advertising age is in demand, especially if the organizer has the ability to convince potential customers.…

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How to open your own nail extension business?

Today, many housewives are in a hopeless situation, so they are forced to look for livelihoods. And one of the options is to organize your own nail extension business. Why not, because it is interesting, simple and quite profitable. But should you expect quick money?

Let’s see what a nail extension is. In fact, this is a common manicure procedure that allows you to change the shape of the nail plates, increase their length and simply improve the appearance. Today, various materials can be used for nail extension, for example, acrylic and gel.

Many experts speak in one about the dangers of this procedure (primarily for their nail plates). But, despite this fact, many women decide to build up, paying tribute to fashion. What could be the conclusion? Nail extension is very beneficial. It remains only to choose high-quality equipment and think over the services that will be provided in the salon. Let’s take a closer look at how to proceed when creating such a business.

Nail extension as a business

There are many branches of this type of business, so it is unlikely to work simultaneously in all directions. It’s easier to choose one specialization and gain experience in it. Of course, there are universal masters, but the quality of their work leaves much to be desired.
If there are low-income women among the clients, it is better to give preference to acrylic – it has an affordable price and is easy to use. In the case when the clientele is “rich”, it is better to work with gel (in this case, the quality of work will be much higher). Thus, a little labor and cost – and the niche is busy.

A place

It is important to determine the place of reception of customers. There are two options here – budget and expensive. In the first case, reception and work is carried out directly at home. In the second – in a rented office. Here everyone already proceeds from their own financial capabilities. In the case of their housing costs will be less, but to attract customers will have to spend more effort. And I don’t really want to turn my apartment into a workplace, even though it is very convenient.


Legal subtleties and costs

To open a nail extension business you need to register as an IP – this is the best option. If we are talking about a more serious business, for example, opening your own salon, you will have to spend more time. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of premises, as well as the organization of ventilation.

Where to get money to start your own business? It is this problem that 95% of beginning entrepreneurs face! In the article “Where to get money for a business,” we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
With regard to costs, the main item of expenditure is training. If you feel a lack of qualifications, it is better to take the appropriate courses and get a diploma. Otherwise, you can lose your reputation without earning it. You can not do without a number of materials necessary for nail extension. If you plan to carry out work in the cabin, then you need to consider the cost of renting a room. Another expense item is advertising, and we’ll talk about it in more detail.

We attract customers

No matter how good the master may be, and no matter what experience he possesses, without proper promotion, the business will not bring any income. So that potential customers can evaluate the quality of work, it is not superfluous to make a business card website. It is not very expensive, but very effective.

On the site you can describe the types of services provided, prices. There you can put photographs of finished works. The best pictures can be printed out and put into an album (you get a kind of portfolio). Do not spare money on creating business cards, which will indicate the most important information – the physical address of the office, phone number, company name, Internet address of the site and so on. Sometimes it’s very effective to give out business cards on the street.

Remember that in such a case, reputation is of key importance, therefore, it is necessary to serve each client in the highest rank, paying him maximum attention.

Where to get the funds?

In most cases, opening such a business does not require special expenses. Especially if customer service is done at home. In extreme cases, you can always get a consumer loan or take money from acquaintances or friends. If you want to open your office, you will have to prepare a larger amount.

Business Nuances

It is important to consider that there is very high competition in this area, therefore it is necessary to take not only speed, but also quality of service. It is very important that the master is able to quickly and without loss of quality do his job. In our world, such skills are very useful. For the first time, you can reduce the cost of your services in order to intercept the clientele.

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