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Business Idea – Gift Baskets

If you are one of those who go crazy on various celebrations and birthdays, choosing oh-some special gifts, and then wrap them in creative packaging, then you will be completely packed, doing business in gift baskets.

You can give gifts all year round and get paid for it! This is now one of the hottest business ideas with the latest annual sales of $ 800 million.

If you set yourself a high creative standard and develop your own niche, you can be very successful. Entrepreneurs in this business buy gifts and put them in baskets, decorative cans, boxes or bags for their customers to hand to that special person who is destined for it.

Cool little things in each basket are selected around a specific topic / plot, which can be anything: from romance to a trip to a newborn, housewarming or just what you can dream of. There are even baskets for divorced!

The benefits of a gift basket business are that you can start part-time, your initial expenses are relatively small, and if you are a creative person who likes to conjure up unique themes and packaging and bring them together, it’s all very interesting. In addition, it is also a grateful business – everyone is delighted to receive a fantastic basket full of gifts.

A gift basket can be elegant, fancy or sporty, but make sure it looks smart – you can’t just put it all in a mess and attach a bow. You need a creative flair and design ability to put it all together in attractive packaging. You must also be an experienced marketer who can sell these unique baskets to various customers and customers.


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The main client for gift baskets is middle-income and high-income young mothers, but you can sell it to anyone.

Make sure business accounts are open. This will allow your cash flow to still arrive during periods of low purchasing activity and can be a terrific source of repeat sales.

Prepare your presentations for travel agents and real estate agents, owners of hotels, residential complexes, sellers of cars and boats, government communications companies or any other corporate clients who want to thank, surprise or attract their clients. And do not forget the clubs and organizations – they always participate in such events as dinners, tea breaks, parties and various banquets, where gifts are an essential ingredient.

You can attract these customers and buyers with creative marketing. Send brochures to businesses and organizations and then schedule an appointment to show your baskets or the professional portfolio of your projects. To get retail customers, post your ads in local newspapers, throw home Tupperware parties and exhibit at fairs.

Send a press release to local and national publications, offer yourself as a guest on local radio on talk shows, and donate a few baskets to other companies starting a big business or collecting charitable contributions in exchange for free advertising.

Necessary equipment

In most states, you need a license to sell alcohol to add a chic bottle of champagne or good wine to the basket, and you need a resale license so you can buy gifts and supplies at wholesale prices.

You will also need a shrink machine (or use a professional hair dryer or scraper for paint); tools indispensable for artisans like a hot glue gun; and a large enough workspace to lay out materials and put everything in a basket. (Keep in mind that a business client can order 100 or more baskets at a time.)

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