How to open a successful franchise creative gift shop for children
We talked with Natalya Ivanova (27 years old), Moscow - which owns five stores "Orange Elephant", open on a franchise basis. A very interesting experience, which suggests that the franchise…

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Shapewear Business
Entrepreneur from America Sarah Blakely was able to build her entire billionth empire with the help of such a wardrobe item as underwear that draws a figure. It only took…

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Home-based business in Russia “Chinchillovodstvo”: the basics
Chinchillas have been bred in captivity for more than 80 years, the demand for these animals and their skins is always high throughout the world. You have probably heard or…

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to set higher

Business Ideas for Teens

The teenage period is the most important stage in the life of any person. It is in the period from 13 to 21 years that an understanding of where to move and what to do in life is formed. “I want to become an astronaut, a fireman, a doctor” – all this is leaving and the most real priorities and goals are replacing. Of course, not everyone, but many have a plan for the next 10-15 years.

Most do not see beyond their nose and go along the beaten paths that parents tell them. Get an education, get a job, start moving up the career ladder, family, children – all this is painfully familiar to us. This route is patterned and 80% of young people sooner or later get into this rut.

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How to turn your own healthy lifestyle into a business?

You can try to get an answer to this question from the charming girl Nadezhda Semenova-Bryullova, who managed to create a whole chain of I-ME health food stores in five years.

What kind of business is this, and what pitfalls its organizers can expect, Nadezhda will tell with pleasure.

How to turn your own healthy lifestyle into a business?

By education, Nadezhda is a psychologist with a crust on education received at Moscow State University. During her studies, she not only carefully studied books on practical psychology, but also was constantly interested in proper nutrition, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

Nadezhda Semenova-Bryullova admits that literally seven years ago she could not even imagine that her Continue reading

How to open your wedding agency from scratch

Get acquainted, this is Violetta Chernoshchechkina, a graduate of Yekaterinburg University, the owner of an economic diploma and a talented wedding planner. It all started very corny – a small blog, a pleasant hobby that in just two years has grown into a real wedding agency.

Wedding agency “Vpudre” – an excellent result with zero investment

Barter Business

Violetta received a classical education – no one expected any creative professions in her family, so art and design were postponed until later, and the first specialty was mastered in economics. For ten years, Violetta worked in various factories and enterprises and did not even dream about her own wedding agency.

It all started with one single wedding, which Violetta and her friend helped make for a young couple. The wedding was spectacular, unusual and very beautiful, so the results of the work were posted on the blog and Continue reading

Organization of a business for the repair of old loggias and balconies
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Examples of Small Business Ideas from America
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How the principle of the invisible hand of the market works
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